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The salt mineral is exploited in Lorraine since protohistory at the Saulnois country. When the first industry era started on the riversides of the Sânon (Einville au Jard), today on the right riverside of the Meurthe plateau and higher river from Nancy (from Laneuveville devant Nancy up to Dombasle sur Meurthe)

UNIVERS SALT is a local development project based on saving the salt inheritance where each partner should find un interest.

Since about a year a work team composed by the salt industry representatives, the eco-museum of Marsal, the “Communauté des Communes” and most of the mining communities meet to elaborate a big salt inheritance preservation project and the economical re-conversion of the sector.

At the project’s beginning, the mining communities of the plateau “right riverside” from Meurthe noticed that:
The social-economical interest in salt industry decreases depending on the communes that have the mineral. This doesn’t mean that the Lorraine salt industry looses interest rather the opposite but its impact in terms of employment and fiscal wealth is basically concentrated on one commune (Dombasle) and in lower measure on only 3 other villages (Rosières, Varangéville, and Laneuveville). The villages where the salt is extracted from are in a paradoxal situation: The salt activity is always represented with a stable production volume, but due to a luck of employment and fiscal lead, the villages are in a industrial poorness situation whilst there is an intense environment depreciation!
These communes, and this is good luck for them, have chosen to belong to the same “Communauté de communes”. Grouping 10 mining communes and a total population of 8000 inhabitants with their opinions should be strong enough to be listen by the public administration who has shown little interest for the communes referring to salt.

The project SALT UNIVERS is to specify the local wish to develop in harmony trying to change the local economy in to a less dependant of one only activity at the same time as keeping the traces of what did their past richness. The project is as follows:

-    Recognition of a need to an industrial re-conversion.
-    A local development project concerning the south part of the CCGC territory.
-    A regional project for the salt resources inheritance and the environment.
-     A regional project to develop tourism with the salt subject.
-    To integrate these projects into the European picture in order to reduce the economical                  dependence.


The interest of the directly concerned communes and their community has been explained above. About the industrial partners it would be insane to leave it the way it is since most of the communes don’t find an interest to keep the industrial activity. If things stayed as they are, we can imagine the difficulties to obtain a future mining concession or an extension of the production capacity. On top, the mining sinking that has a very negative influence on the environment. A significant and fast step in favour of their reconstruction is a good way to make a better image of the salt industry.